africaOutdoor adventure becomes an increasingly popular holiday option among travelers who are physically fit. As the world becomes a smaller global village, thanks to the invention of the internet and budget airways, millions of people are able to travel overseas and go to places they wouldn’t be able to afford three decades ago easily and quite effortlessly. As a result, historical landmarks, shopping malls and souvenir shops become regular staples of tour organizers’ itinerary. As you may have guessed, people get bored easily with these tourist shops and upscale/ luxury shopping malls after a number of visits.

In case you want to have a memorable vacation away from the hustles and bustles of big cities when you visit Africa, you may be interested in joining mountain bike south africa tour. As the name implies, travelers will be taken to several natural parks and coastal regions that are uniquely South Africa. As an increasingly popular way of enjoying South Africa, cycling adventure enables travelers to visit some of the most scenic areas in the region with other cycling enthusiasts from different countries.

To get you started, you can browse around for travel agent that organizes cycling adventure in South Africa such as A travel agency generally offers a number of tour packages with different itinerary each. For example, a cycling tour package may cover a route that spans from Addo Elephant Park to Cape Town or eastern South Africa and Swaziland and the trip can last for a week to more than 15 days in total.

For those who are confident with their physical health, they can choose trip that combines cycling tour with hiking and adventure trekking. Many travelers have had a fantastic time visiting Petrified Forest in Namibia and walk through the place of dry water or Etosha Pan in the same region on foot. Find a travel agency that has good customer service, ask for their price rate and book your place for your next vacation in South Africa.