Finding your best friends in high school or lost-love may not be easy –it has never been easy anyway. The invention of social networking sites before MyLife did not do much in helping people find lost friends and love without exposing their current identity to the public. Social networking sites are designed to be social –it means they may have features and functions that you are uncomfortable with. Thanks to the invention of MyLife, today you can register, be a member, and find friends or lost love while keeping your privacy and identity safe.

Founded by Jeffrey Tinsley in 2002, MyLife acquired a couple of reunion sites, and in order to gain more visibility and members in the virtual networking world. Whether you want to get in touch with friends, lost loves, or relatives, you can do it easily with the help of MyLife. On average, MyLife membership grows by almost 1 million on monthly basis, boosting its Alexa rank to 2,409 and over 1 million unique visits in the US alone.

One can choose to become a paid member (premium membership) after he/ she tried the trial membership. MyLife encourages members to guard their password, give accurate information, and use the site within the proper limit regarding content, photos, and other user-submitted content. For you who are wondering how MyLife Refund system works, you can read their Terms of Service available online and you need to know that subscribers will be automatically renewed unless you terminate the subscription before the renewal date. Visit the website and read the ToS along with the site features to see if this is the right site to help you find friends and lost loves you want to get in touch again.