Having a bad credit history or bad credit score can be disastrous for anyone living in today’s gloomy economy. Many employers, loan lenders, up to landowners often use your credit history and credit score as a key point in determining whether they will accept your application or not. Well, we need to be honest that the last economic crunch and housing turmoil have left many of us with less-than-desirable jobs and piles of debts to pay. With many companies chose to downsize their workforce and some even went out of business, many of us were in a state of financial deprivation at that time and thus, had to miss payment on some of our due debts.

The good news is, the economy is slowly recovering and the European crisis has not taken its toll to the majority of US businesses. You may already get a new job and manage your finances better today. However, that does not stop credit reporting bureaus from giving you poor credit score or bad credit history. If you need to borrow money for certain urgencies, such as car repair, home repair, medical expenses, or auto loan, and you do not have any money left in your bank account until your next payday, you should consider obtaining payday cash advance or payday loan, or sometimes known as payday advance. To get you started, you can visit onlinepaydayadvances.com and read the information there before you submit any application.

Online payday cash advance service helps you to submit application to one point-gate only. The online service works to match your application with suitable loan lenders, and then you can choose which lender you want to engage with and you will be directed to the lender’s page immediately. Why choose a payday advance? Payday advance is different from the conventional loans, because you do not have to wait for hours at a bank for your application to be reviewed. You do not have to go through face-to-face interview, which can be daunting and time-consuming for many busy people (if you work three jobs a day you may not have the time to attend such interview at a bank).

Furthermore, payday advance is easy to apply. You can even fill out an application form that is available online. The requirements are amazingly simple. You only have to be a US citizen or permanent resident, be 18 years old of age or older, you need to have a verifiable stream of income (whether it comes from your job, your small business, or a social benefit), and you need to have a bank account where the lender can deposit the money to you.Because payday advance is intended to help people overcome their short-term financial problem, payday advance lenders usually do not offer a huge amount of loan, so you will not be tempted to borrow some $30,000 or $50,000 worth of loan.

Payday advance does not require any faxing or any credit score checking, so your application is likely to be approved if you meet the common requirements mentioned above. Search for a trusted online payday advance directory on the web that offers secure application submission, submit your application, find the right lender, and get your payday advance immediately.