Health drink and food are all the rage in the last few years, especially since we know that many additives, preservatives, and sugar bring unhealthy consequences to those who consume them. Therefore, people begin to buy food and drink from gourmet suppliers that offers natural health drink and gourmet food such as Firefly tonic and Freshburst Pearls. Get your health food and drink, and enjoy the party, guilt-free, knowing that you have done the right thing for your overall health.

Over the years, organic and gourmet foods have found their very own market share in the country. Natural, organic food and drink are rich in vitamins and minerals, which are good for health. Getting quality, natural food and drink have been found to help prevent a variety of illnesses that are likely to cost you more on medications and doctors’ visits. However, getting natural food and drink does not mean you have to cope with tasteless raw vegetables and fibrous fruits on a single meal. Gourmet food manufacturers are creating easy-to-consume, health food and drink that are easy on the palate such as firefly.

Invented by Harry Briggs, Marcus Waley-Cohen, with the help of expert herbalists, Andrew Chevallier and Michael McIntyre, Firefly Tonic was designed to be 100 percent natural with no added colourings, sugar, or preservatives. The natural energy drinks combine fresh juices with powerful herbal extracts, such as Kola Nut, Yerbe Mate, and Green Tea, among others. Packed in brightly coloured bottles and Polaroid-photo-styled label, the tonic drink is a great addition to any gourmet party this warm summer days. Another gourmet food product that has good potentials for future expansion in the health food range is freshburst pearls.

Invented by the famous El Bulli chef Ferran Adria, Freshburst Pearls help create the most unexpected contrasts of flavour and texture into your party food and drink. Restaurant chefs normally prepare the pearls ahead of service, and now Adria has helped common folks to enjoy the delicate tempting bursts of flavour easily straight from the jars! Available in several flavors that range from blackcurrant to chocolate, mango, mint, rose, seawater, caramel, and passion fruit, among others, the pearls can be used as garnish or as ingredients in party food and drink. The pearls are going to be improved with vitamins and added minerals to establish its brand in the health food range. You can purchase firefly tonic, freshburst pearls, and other gourmet food, produced by renowned gourmet food companies such as first quality foods through online gourmet food store, and create your very own gourmet party at home this summer!